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parents of special needs children

Parents of Children with Special Needs: Cultivate Your Joy

For parents of special needs children, joy isn’t going to sneak up on you and invite itself into your day, you have to be intentional about cultivating it.

Alethea Mshar
Adapted Cooking

Wheel Cooking – Adapted Cooking

Simply put, Wheel Cooking is an open source of adapted cooking tips, tricks and recipes by and for wheelchair users aspiring to get back into the kitchen!

Aaron Baker
Health Insurers

There’s Only One Grocery Store in Most Rural Areas. Should We Expect Two Health Insurers?

In this article published by The New York Times, the authors investigate why the current ACA replacement bill could make health insurers even more limited.

Aimee Sharp
Concerns with an Ostomy

Recorded Webinar: Clinical and Lifestyle Concerns with an Ostomy Video

Watch this recorded webinar - From stomal complications to skin care, Joy Hooper, RN, covers the most common clinical & lifestyle concerns with an ostomy.

Danny Nguyen
Driving With a Disability

Driving with a Disability

Our Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist writes driving with a disability, the adaptive technology available, and his own experiences.

Aaron Baker

Why I’m Choosing to Homeschool My Child with Special Needs

My child with special needs is graduating elementary school, and I made the decision to do something I’ve always wanted to do: homeschool.

Amy Noelle Collen
Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair Cushions

When selecting wheelchair cushions, there are a few factors that must be considered. Our spinal cord injury lifestyle specialist goes over them.

Aaron Baker
Returning to Work After Ostomy Surgery

Video: Returning to Work After Ostomy Surgery

In this video from our Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, Laura Cox, you can find tips for returning to work after ostomy surgery.

Aimee Sharp
Bladder Control Problems

Types of Bladder Control Problems in Women

By Dr Liji Thomas, MD for Women of all ages suffer from various types of bladder problems, which vary as to cause and contributing factors. Some are due to weakness of the pelvic fascio-muscular supports, while in other women the problem is caused by nerve damage. In some women, the bladder control is affected by various… Continue reading Types of Bladder Control Problems in Women

Aimee Sharp
Injury Anniversary

Injury Anniversary

This year, Aaron Baker celebrated 18 years of living with a spinal cord injury. He's come to enjoy the anniversaries, but reflects on the dark years past.

Aaron Baker
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