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Sex with a Spinal Cord Injury

Intimacy and Sex with a Spinal Cord Injury

Sex with a spinal cord injury can seem daunting to both the survivor and the person they would like to partner with. But it's possible with preperation.

Aaron Baker
seniors and nutrition

Seniors and Nutrition

As we age we tend to need fewer calories while requiring more key nutrients. This paradox can cause complications for seniors if not properly managed.

Sarah Sanchez, NDTR

I’d Never Trade My Diagnosis For a Clean Bill of Health

Ulcerative colitis and ostomy surgery completely changed me. It changed my very nature. In a way ostomy surgery corrected my path.

Kelsey Scarborough
See a Urologist

When Should a Man See a Urologist?

In this short answer from a specialist, first published on Cleveland Clinic's page, when when a man should first see a urologist.

Aimee Sharp

Complicaciones de la piel periestomal | Características, causas y manejo

Datos sobre complicaciones de la piel periestomal Las complicaciones de la piel periestomal son comunes entre las personas con ostomía. La piel periestomal es la piel que rodea el estoma, es la piel a la que se adhiere la oblea de la ostomía. En adultos, la piel periestomal mide aproximadamente 4 x 4 pulgadas alrededor… Continue reading Complicaciones de la piel periestomal | Características, causas y manejo

Laura Cox, LPC
financial reality of being really sick

1,495 Americans Describe the Financial Reality of Being Really Sick

Original article by Margot Sanger-Katz in the New York Times| Oct. 17, 2018 “Do you pay the hospital bill or do you pay the utility bill?” Don’t count on your health insurance for serious illnesses, a new survey warns. The whole point of health insurance is protection from financial ruin in case of catastrophic, costly… Continue reading 1,495 Americans Describe the Financial Reality of Being Really Sick

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
wheelchair costumes

Wheelchair Costumes: Halloween Ideas for Kids with Wheels

Wheelchair costumes! In the spirit of fashion for all abilities, I’m sharing a few easy ideas for Halloween costumes that can be adapted for wheelchairs.

Jamie Sumner
Day in the Life

A Day in the Life – Aaron Baker, Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist

What a typical day in the life looks like right now for Shield HealthCare's Spinal Cord Injury Lifestlye Specialist, Aaron Baker.

Aaron Baker

Ostomy Products: Finding What Works Best For You

I went into surgery eager to get to the other side because I was desperate to feel better. I didn’t even consider what ostomy pouching system to wear.

Kelsey Scarborough

Adopting a Child with Down Syndrome: Tips and Resources

When we realized we were naturals as special needs parents, we decided to adopt a second child with Down syndrome. Read more about our process.

Alethea Mshar
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I have been paralyzed from the waist down since 2013. I’ve been steadily gaining weight since then, and I’m starting to get self-conscious about it, especially since people already stare at me in my wheelchair. What are some exercises, things I can do to help me lose this extra weight?
Hi James! I'm sorry to hear about your accident, but it sounds like you're motivated to be as strong as possible. Good man! I also had a lean body before my injury. In my experience, nutrition and physical activity are the most effective ways to manage my weight. I have learned that by eating...