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son gets sick

The Mind Games I Play Every Time My Son Gets Sick

When Jamie's son gets sick, or even starts to show symptoms, it's all hands on deck to make sure he doesn't end up in the emergency room.

Jamie Sumner

Everywhere I Go I Am An Ambassador

This weekend I took my little guy, Ben (he’s twelve), to the Fall Fest in our local small town. When we boarded the hayride and sat down, Ben introduced himself to the woman sitting across from him. Names are important to Ben, who has Down syndrome and autism. He offers his name to everyone he… Continue reading Everywhere I Go I Am An Ambassador

Alethea Mshar
Everyday Tips

Everyday Tips – Living with a Spinal Cord Injury

Our Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist, Aaron Baker, has compiled some great articles and videos about things we do each day. Click for everyday tips.

Aaron Baker
Síndrome de Estrés Postraumático

Síndrome de Estrés Postraumático (PTSD, en inglés) en padres de niños con necesidades especiales: Cómo manejarlo

Era solo una visita de rutina. Cuando nos llamaron fuimos a un cuarto pequeño para controlar la presión, el peso y la altura, y sin ninguna razón aparente, comencé a sentirme mareada, mi corazón comenzó a latir aceleradamente y tuve que respirar hondo para evitar el vómito. Seguramente sonaré muy dramática, pero mi cuerpo estaba… Continue reading Síndrome de Estrés Postraumático (PTSD, en inglés) en padres de niños con necesidades especiales: Cómo manejarlo

Aimee Sharp

Motoring Our Way to Freedom

In this article by a mom of a child with cerebral palsy, Jamie talks about how an intervention meant her child was motoring more freely than before.

Jamie Sumner
Family Caregiver

You Know You Are a Family Caregiver When…

Many a family caregiver goes unrecognized by friends, family and sometimes even themselves. Check this list to see if you are a family caregiver.

Alethea Mshar
Wheelchair Transfers

Wheelchair Transfers Video

For this video with Aaron Baker, we learn all about the basics of wheelchair transfers: from chair to couch, chair to floor and more, with and without help.

Aimee Sharp
actividad física con una ostomía

Cómo hacer actividad física con una ostomía

Discutimos cómo hacer actividad física con una ostomía, reintegrándote de manera segura en una rutina de ejercicios y cómo mantenerte saludable mientras.

Aimee Sharp
About Catheters

Nobody Wants to Talk About Catheters. Our Silence Could Prove Fatal

In this article from Mosiac Science, learn about why many hospitals are trying to teach their staff more about catheters and lessen their use.

Aimee Sharp

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Ostomy Pancaking

A common issue ostomates face is pancaking. Our OstomyLife Co-Moderator, Kelsey Scarborough, has compiled this troubleshooting guide based on her experience.

Kelsey Scarborough
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