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The Journey of the Special Needs Parent 900x600

The Journey of the Special Needs Parent

You may feel out of control right now, but keep in mind that your experience as a parent is very much influenced by your perceptions of parenting and your experience of being parented.

Dr. Liz Matheis

(Care)Giving Tuesday Episode 2: Wandering

Wandering is one of the most dangerous behaviors associated with dementia, but there are strategies and services to help prevent wandering.

Stephanie Struyck Elgin
Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory as it Applies to Family Vacation

As parents we have to embrace the chaos, especially on vacation. It’s going to bring hardship, sure. But sometimes the chaos works in our favor.

Jamie Sumner
marathon runner

World Marathon Challenge: Around the World in 7 Days for Ostomy Awareness

Jonathan Negretti, an ostomate who will run around the world in seven days to raise ostomy awareness, talks about his life, mission, ostomy and goals.

Laura Cox, LPC
holiday travel

Holiday Travel: A Few Tips for the Busiest Time of the Year

Traveling can be stressful, especially during the holidays, but there are a few helpful tips that can ease the stress when traveling by airplane and/or car.

Aaron Baker
caregiving parent

The Quiet Dignity of Caregiving

Caregiving is not a role that I have chosen, but it is one that I have embraced. I choose each day to care for my child with reverence and gentleness...

Alethea Mshar
caregiver stress video

(Care)Giving Tuesday Episode 1: Dealing with Caregiver Stress

Caring for a person with dementia can be stressful. Learn more about managing caregiver stress in the first of a 10-episode video series from Alzheimer's LA.

Stephanie Struyck Elgin
Here’s How Our Family Thrives During Holiday Vacations

Here’s How Our Family Thrives During Holiday Vacations

Holiday vacations are weird and stressful, but also maybe a little wonderful. You have to run towards the wonderful part head-on so you don’t miss it.

Jamie Sumner
Sign Language for children with Autism

Lenguaje de señas para niños con autismo

Algunos niños con autismo tienen dificultades para procesar las palabras habladas. El lenguaje de señas para niños con autismo puede ser una excelente manera de mejorar la comunicación.

Julian Perez
colostomy irrigation

Irrigation: A Colostomy Management Option

If you have a sigmoid or end colostomy, you can be free from the ostomy pouch if you are willing and able to learn the process of colostomy irrigation.

Anita Prinz, RN, MSN, CWOCN, WCC
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