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The Invisible Workload of the Medical Mama

This invisible workload of motherhood is real, and the invisible workload of medical motherhood is multiplied. If only I could hire an assistant.

Alethea Mshar

Comprender los cambios recientes a las etiquetas de información nutricional

La FDA ha ordenado una actualización de la etiqueta de información nutricional para julio de 2021. Esta será la primera actualización desde que se introdujeron por primera vez en 1994.

Sarah Sanchez, NDTR
working parent

What I’ve Learned as a Working Parent During COVID-19

Being a working parent during these odd times has taught me a lot. Read on to find out 3 things I have learned this year.

Dr. Liz Matheis
can I be a good father with a spinal cord injury

Can I Be A Good Father With A Spinal Cord Injury?

Fatherhood Fears For many years I have held a worrisome little fear in the back of my mind: “Can I be a good, helpful father despite my spinal cord injury?” After all, I am a big baby, an adult-sized child with many needs. I require additional time, energy and financial resources from my wife and… Continue reading Can I Be A Good Father With A Spinal Cord Injury?

Aaron Baker
COVID Lung Transplant

Back to Life: COVID Lung Transplant Survivor Tells Her Story

Original article by Christine Herman, Side Effects Public Media | Kaiser Health News – August 14, 2020 Mayra Ramirez remembers the nightmares. During six weeks on life support at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Ramirez said, she had terrifying nightmares that she couldn’t distinguish from reality. “Most of them involve me drowning,” she said. “I… Continue reading Back to Life: COVID Lung Transplant Survivor Tells Her Story

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
messy house

I’ve Given Up on Having “Nice Things” and I’m Okay With It

I’ve come to terms with our messy, lumpy, sticky is, I’ve realized, also the place that has kept my children safe.

Jamie Sumner
accessible adventure travel organizations

How to Find Accessible Adventures

My Top 7 Accessible Adventure Travel Organizations Despite COVID-19 getting in the way of everyone’s travel plans for the year, there is still plenty of time to daydream about your next adventure! I’ve written before about some of my outdoor adventures with amazing organizations (read one here). In this blog, I’d like to highlight and… Continue reading How to Find Accessible Adventures

Aaron Baker
ADHD at school

Managing ADHD at School

Our children with ADHD are wonderful & intelligent people who need our help with creating a learning environment that allows them to use their strengths...

Dr. Liz Matheis

Phantom Rectum Syndrome

What is Phantom Rectum Syndrome? Phantom Rectum Syndrome sounds like a horror movie, but it is a real phenomenon that is experienced by nearly all ostomates who undergo Abdominoperineal Resection (APR) surgery[1]. This is not a psychological issue of “it’s all in your head” but is experienced in up to 80% of all amputees, from… Continue reading Phantom Rectum Syndrome

Anita Prinz, RN, MSN, CWOCN, WCC
Handicap-Accessible Vehicle

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Handicap Accessible Vehicle

The handicap-accessible vehicle is an investment – of time, energy and money. But if you do it right, it also becomes an investment in your child’s future and freedom.

Jamie Sumner
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