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weightless environment for sci

The Benefits of Water Therapy

A Weightless Environment For SCI Wellness Water is the abundant and essential compound of which all known living organisms cannot live without, but it is also my estuary for pain management, physical improvement and ultimately, longevity. Five months post-injury, I was introduced to aquatic therapy when I was transferred from my electric wheelchair via a… Continue reading The Benefits of Water Therapy

Aaron Baker

Medi-Cal Rx: Understanding the Upcoming Changes

Watch our video above, and read on for more information. What is Medi-Cal RX? In January of 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order which requires the state to move pharmacy benefits out of Medi-Cal Managed Care and back into Medi-Cal Fee-for-Service by January 1,2021. “Medi-Cal Rx” is the name of this program.… Continue reading Medi-Cal Rx: Understanding the Upcoming Changes

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
mommy burnout

COVID-19 Mommy Burnout

It’s been 6 months and we are still working through COVID-19 and its dangers...The back and forth is exhausting, draining and it leads to mommy burnout. 

Dr. Liz Matheis
COVID-19 and Your Hospital Stay

What to Expect at Your Next Hospital Visit

COVID-19 and Your Hospital Stay The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how most hospitals and healthcare facilities interact with patients. If this is your first visit to a hospital or doctor’s office since the pandemic began, you might find some of these changes alarming. Please know that although your experience at the hospital may be different,… Continue reading What to Expect at Your Next Hospital Visit

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
breastfeeding and covid19

Breastfeeding and COVID-19

Adapted from article on by Temitope Awelewa, MBCHB, MPH, FAAP, IBCLC​​​ The outbreak of COVID-19 is a stressful time for everyone. This may be especially true for mothers who are breastfeeding and concerned about their baby’s health. However, mothers can successfully start and maintain breastfeeding during the pandemic, with some recommended precautions. Can I breastfeed… Continue reading Breastfeeding and COVID-19

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
sensory-friendly Halloween

Navigating a Sensory-Friendly Halloween

We're learning to make the world a little less fearful for our son...including a sensory-friendly Halloween that the whole family can enjoy. 

Jamie Sumner

Why I Prefer Self-Kindness to Self-Care

As a full-time caregiver, finding time for self-care can feel like a tall order. Instead of adding to your to-do list, try practicing self-kindness.

Alethea Mshar
women urinary incontinence

What Women Need to Know About Urinary Incontinence

Women experiencing urinary incontinence should know that they aren't alone and that management techniques and treatments are available.

Sarah Sanchez, NDTR
social distancing activities for fall

Six Social Distancing Activities for Fall

Autumn has arrived & it’s a wonderful time to celebrate these past six months in quarantine...keep reading for fun social distancing activities for fall.

Jamie Sumner
Concerns for the 2020-2021 school year_

6 Concerns Every Parent Has for the 2020-2021 School Year

This year comes with a newfound level of anxiety and questioning...Dr. Liz Matheis addresses 6 common concerns for the 2020-2021 school year.

Dr. Liz Matheis
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