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Potential Railroad Strike 2022

Potential Railroad Strike Averted

Update: Strike Averted Although Shield HealthCare has been taking proactive measures to mitigate service interruption to you, the potential railroad strike has been averted by congress. This means the risk of supply chain shortages from a strike have been avoided, and your orders will continue to be shipped on time. What Happened: On November 30,… Continue reading Potential Railroad Strike Averted

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
older seniors risk major surgery

Should Older Seniors Risk Major Surgery? New Research Offers Guidance

Nearly 1 in 7 older adults die within a year of undergoing major surgery, according to an important new study that sheds much-needed light on the risks seniors face when having invasive procedures. Especially vulnerable are older patients with probable dementia (33% die within a year) and frailty (28%), as well as those having emergency surgeries (22%).… Continue reading Should Older Seniors Risk Major Surgery? New Research Offers Guidance

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
movie about spinal cord injury

SCI Can Happen To Anyone At Anytime

Any One Of Us Any One Of Us is a documentary film that illustrates how quickly life can change. The film, released in 2019, is a glimpse at prominent mountain biker Paul Basagoitia’s 2015 spinal cord injury and his recovery journey. The exceptional aspect of this film is that director Fernando Villena brought together stories… Continue reading SCI Can Happen To Anyone At Anytime

Aaron Baker
formula shortages

Update on Formula Shortages and Delays

Navigating Formula-Related Challenges For more than a year, Shield HealthCare has been managing formula-related challenges beyond our control. Our formula and enteral nutrition supply manufacturing partners continue to experience significant delays, backorders and shortages. In fact, just this past week, formula manufacturers notified us of supply chain issues for several additional products. These issues include:… Continue reading Update on Formula Shortages and Delays

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
rest if you must but don't you quit

What Does Anxiety Look Like?

This is Anxiety Too When we think of anxiety or a person who is anxious, we often think of someone who looks panicked, someone who is writhing their hands, hyperventilating or crying. That can be the experience of anxiety but it’s not always that obvious for children, adolescents or young adults. Anxiety is an internal… Continue reading What Does Anxiety Look Like?

Dr. Liz Matheis

How to Encourage Privacy and Respect for Your Child

Charlie, who is ten, has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to move and a speaking device to communicate. We are on the cusp of something to navigate...

Jamie Sumner

Learning in a YouTube World

I started a YouTube Channel in 2010 and joined the Shield Healthcare family in 2016. Soon we saw the need to showcase how accessibility really looked...

Aaron Baker

2022 Holiday Delivery Schedule

Each year, Shield HealthCare works with our delivery partners to bring you reliable service throughout the holiday season. Below you’ll find Shield HealthCare’s 2022 holiday delivery schedule. We have also included when Shield HealthCare’s call centers will be open. While we are doing everything we can to ensure your orders continue to arrive on time,… Continue reading 2022 Holiday Delivery Schedule

Allison Dalton

Sleeping With A Spinal Cord Injury

Quality Sleep Can Be Elusive With a Spinal Cord Injury Waking refreshed in the morning has been a rarity for me over the years, frequently disrupted in the night for a variety of reasons. For one, like clockwork, every one and half, to two hours, my neurogenic bladder triggers, causing the urge to urinate. Second,… Continue reading Sleeping With A Spinal Cord Injury

Aaron Baker

The Beauty of Cheering for Strangers

My Son Taught Me the Beauty of Cheering for Strangers I have run in a half marathon and the night before I wasn’t even going to do that. Who in their right mind would pay to run 13.1 miles on unfamiliar roads surrounded by strangers? Me, apparently. A friend talked me into it and so… Continue reading The Beauty of Cheering for Strangers

Jamie Sumner
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