How to Help a Loved One After Falling | Step-by-Step Illustration

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
03/10/16  1:15 PM PST

Seeing a loved one falling or finding a loved one after he or she has fallen can be a scary situation.

You may feel like you do not know the proper procedure to help him or her. Here are some guidelines from AgingCare. Below, you will also find step-by-step illustrations on how to help a loved one after falling. Click the images to enlarge them.

1. Assess the situation and the state of your loved one. If he or she is visibly injured, do not try to assist him or her in moving. Call 9-1-1 and help your loved one stay calm while waiting for help. Encourage slow, deep breaths and talk to them. If he or she is not visibly injured, you can begin to help your loved one up.

2. Grab a sturdy chair and bring it close to your loved one.

3. Assist your loved one in rolling over to one side. If s/he is on his or her back, help to bend their knees and gently roll them over onto a side. Instruct him or her to use hands and elbows to push to a kneeling position.

4. Place the sturdy chair in front of your kneeling loved one. Your loved one should use the chair to support them as they bring one foot forward and press from a kneeling position to a standing position. You may guide him or her, but do not physically strain to lift them.

5. Stabilize your loved one as he or she is standing, then slowly help them turn and sit down on the chair just used to help lift them off the ground.

6. Always let a doctor know your loved one fell. The doctor will make sure there are no invisible injuries.








You can find a PDF of all the above images here.

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