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Caregiver Contest Runner-Up Winner: Angela R.

Danny Nguyen
Author | Shield HealthCare
03/04/21  2:44 PM PST
Caregiver Contest Runner-Up Winner: Angela R.

Congratulations to Runner-Up winner Angela R.  from Fort Worth, Texas.

COVID has put a whole new outlook on things that us humans have taken advantage of. It has us doing things such as handwashing frequently to prevent spreading a virus, when in all reality this is something that should be done regardless of a worldwide pandemic/virus. To wearing masks and staying within our personal spaces. 

As the world around us shuts down or limits capacity for entertainment, food, or healthcare, apart from the Emergency Departments, my job stays a 100% full functioning. Wound Care is my everyday profession, and we strive to keep patients out of the ERs, UC Centers, etc. We have yet to close our doors and revert to Telehealth visits. How can we? Wounds can’t be treated via a phone call! We put ourselves on the line day by day being on the frontline. You have patients vary in ages of 16 to 100, we are all at risk! You have patients that refuse masking up and then you have ones who have lost close loved ones that live in fear on a daily of dying or potentially becoming exposed so the do wear PPE from head to toe. Every day is a new challenge. From protecting our person to our families. Strength, hope, and faith give me my everyday power to fight. Being someone who had to be hospitalized due to catching the virus to developing a blood clot in my lung, following Bronchitis and Pneumonia to not knowing if I would get to see the next day is tough and makes me not want to walk out into the world. I would much rather stay home and hide/isolate until this pandemic subsides, but I can’t. I have 4 children who need me for their everyday essentials of living. I have patients who need help keeping wounds clean, free of infections or unwanted hospitalizations, who would rather be seen within an hour tops vs sitting 5 hours in a lobby full of people with undiagnosed issues and possibly contagious. 

I step out into the world to see this battle head on and continue to do what I have a passion for! Some things have changed that needed to change and will continue to be that way. Embracing my family and myself more is my #1 goal, apart from being COVID free! 

Winners were selected by a panel of independent judges: Margarita Bermudez, the Manager of Professional Training and Healthcare Services at Alzheimer’s Los Angeles; Leigh Ellen Key, Executive Director for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, South Texas and Louisiana/Mississippi Chapters; and Kelly Sparks, a retired CWOCN from Dignity Health. Click here to learn more.

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