Caregiver Contest Runner-Up Winner: Tamekia H.

Danny Nguyen
Author | Shield HealthCare
03/04/21  2:35 PM PST
Caregiver Contest Runner-Up Winner: Tamekia H.

Congratulations to Runner-Up winner Tamekia H. from San Bernardino, California

I have two kids. Both born preemies. Due to their prematurity, they both have had challenges and receive developmental therapy. Physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. It’s very hard having children who have a scheduled life and sensory issues thrown out of routine and not receiving much natural input because we have to stay home. 

Prior to the pandemic, I’d take them to their therapy site and watch, only participating when asked, Since COVID showed its face, I’ve had to do all therapy sessions via zoom, which then switched the roles of the therapist and me. 

At the beginning I had hardly anything to make facilitating those sessions fluid. It was rough (physically) becoming the therapist, being watched and critiqued. 

Now, things are still not as we’d like them, we as a family have worked to become confident in moving through the changes. We’ve used any extra cash to get therapy toys and tools and filled our home with things to help our children live therapy. It’s just our way of life. I have learned so much. If not for COVID I’d have been a spectator in a very important aspect of my kid’s lives. Now I’m hands on and can see so much progress in them. I’ve made become so close with our IRC teachers and therapists. Hopefully, we all will receive a little more normalcy in the near future, but I can’t say it’s all been bad. 

Everyone stay safe and God bless you. 

Winners were selected by a panel of independent judges: Margarita Bermudez, the Manager of Professional Training and Healthcare Services at Alzheimer’s Los Angeles; Leigh Ellen Key, Executive Director for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, South Texas and Louisiana/Mississippi Chapters; and Kelly Sparks, a retired CWOCN from Dignity Health. Click here to learn more.

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