21st Annual Caregiver Story Contest Runner-up – Elizabeth N.

04/24/24  10:15 AM PST
21st annual caregiver contest win $1000

Congratulations to Runner-up Elizabeth N. from California.

In July 2019, we received a call to pick up our kiddo Miracle from another family who had found her challenges too great to care for on a day-to-day basis. The name Miracle perfectly suited her. She was 18 months old and had been through quite a great deal in her young life. Miracle had chronic lung issues and required a feeding tube for her nutrition. She had been born prematurely at 26 weeks. I thought that with my nursing experience, I was well equipped to care for children with medical needs. Little did I know that Miracle would provide some of the most challenging experiences in life and the most rewarding as well.

It is one thing to work in a hospital setting and be able to shed the nurse suit when I get home, and quite another thing to come home and continue care for her as a child with medical needs who requires medical interventions. I always say that life is really in the day-to-day details. Caring for and observing Miracle has been my inspiration. The way she bounces back from illness, the dynamic energy of her body, and the excitement she has for being outside inspires me. It has made me appreciate life on a different level. It has made me closer to God. I am more thoughtful, and I am a kinder human being. I am more intentional in my actions and thoughts because I get to observe how challenging it is to navigate a world where you are dependent wholly on other human beings.

I am grateful because I am of service. It has inspired me to improve the small things in my life. I attend meetings regionally and locally that discuss services/resources for kiddos with special needs. I am inspired to be more of an advocate for other parents. I share information more freely with other parents. I am inspired to actively learn about autism and how to best help my child thrive and live her best life.

Being a caregiver to Miracle has inspired me to appreciate the small details of my life – exercising, eating well, knowing when to ask for help, and getting adequate rest to be more present for her and my family. I have been inspired to be a well-rounded human being because in taking care of Miracle she has taken care of me as well. I have learned to be patient and take things less for granted. I have been inspired to have a different perspective in life, one that is more holistic and realistic for my abilities as a parent and the abilities of my child.

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