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Medicare reimbursement Guideline

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS

Community FAQ’s

Who are our writers? The editorial staff at Shield HealthCare consists of an employee team of professionals who are product specialists, licensed registered dietitians and communications specialists. On occasion, guest authors will be featured on various topics of interest to our community.   Editorial Policy Content on this website is designed for educational purposes and… Continue reading Community FAQ’s

Gina Flores
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Welcome to Shield HealthCare’s online communities. Here you will find educational articles and videos, the answers you need to common questions, links to local resources and support groups, and valuable lifestyle tips to help you manage your health at home. Health topics in this community include: Incontinence: Managing incontinence, promoting skin health, and lifestyle and nutrition tips Enteral Nutrition: Tips for… Continue reading About Shield HealthCare’s Online Communities

Gina Flores


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Gina Flores

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Gina Flores