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A nurse's education doesn't stop after earning their degree. Continuing education (CE) courses offer the opportunity to learn and advance your own techniques in safe patient care. Designed to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date on medical advances and patient lifestyle support, Shield HealthCare’s free educational courses provide a vehicle for spreading best practices and how to improve patient outcomes. Explore our resources to learn more about the types of courses available.

Join Shield HealthCare each month for our live, interactive educational webinars and receive complimentary resources for patients and staff. Presenters share their expertise in a range of topics, from healthcare best practices to patient lifestyle support and health management information. Click below to see our upcoming free courses offering CE credit for nurses.

Looking for continuing education on your schedule? Explore our on-demand courses and receive continuing nursing education credits on a variety of in-depth topics, including wound care, incontinence, urology, ostomy, fall prevention, caregiver support, children with special needs and much more. Presenters include subject matter experts with Capital Nursing Education, licensed expert staff with the Wound Care Education Institute and much more.

Does your clinical staff have questions? We have answers. Contact your local Shield HealthCare representative for more information about clinical presentations that can be customized specifically to your team, and have your team receive complimentary CE credits in a live group setting*. Click here to see what courses are available for in-services in your area.

*Available in select regions: click here to see all locations.

tube feeding

Common Questions about Bolus/Syringe Feeding

If you are unable to meet your nutritional needs by mouth, a feeding tube provides a way to obtain life-saving nutrients. Your doctor may have prescribed this method of feeding to deliver formula and water into your stomach by way of your feeding tube. See the answers below to a few common questions about bolus/syringe feeding.… Continue reading Common Questions about Bolus/Syringe Feeding

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
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Career Openings At Shield HealthCare

Shield HealthCare is now hiring! We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide quality healthcare services to the community. See our latest job openings:

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
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