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Pottery Barn’s New Accessible Line

Let’s Hope Pottery Barn’s New Accessible Line is a Trend that Becomes the Norm I thought...

Jamie Sumner

Teen Dating

My Teen with Special Needs/Disability is Interested in Dating Teens are teens, regardless of special...

Dr. Liz Matheis

The Difference a Decade Makes

What a Difference a Decade Makes By Jamie Sumner Ten years ago, our new family of three went on our...

Jamie Sumner

Celebrating Milestone Birthdays with My Special Kid

Celebrating Milestone Birthdays with My Special Kid By Jamie Sumner I threw the biggest birthday...

Jamie Sumner

Every Inchstone is Worth Celebrating

While all parents celebrate their children’s milestones and major life events, parents of children with special needs also celebrate inchstones - those tiny little milestones no bigger than an inch but every bit as significant.

Sarah Sanchez, NDTR

Letting Your Child Fail

Parent Alert: The Best Thing You Can Do Is Let Your Child Fail We have become a part of a parenting...

Dr. Liz Matheis

Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs

Summer Camp Offerings for Children with Special Needs Summer is awesome! No school! No schedule! No...

Jamie Sumner
complex medical mom

Transitioning Medically Complex Children From Hospital Care To Home Care

Your Shield HealthCare care team supports your most fragile patients with Enteral+Oxygen Did You...

Oscar Orozco
anxiety in children

Anxiety in Children: Accommodating Your Anxious Child in School and at Home

Anxiety can be a debilitating emotional experience. It has the ability to take a pleasant moment and...

Dr. Liz Matheis
gardening and children

Five Life Lessons Gardening Can Teach Your Child

I did not grow up on a farm. But I spent all my summers on one in rural Oklahoma. My grandparents...

Jamie Sumner