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School Counselor

Get to Know Your Child’s School Counselor

Many of us know that our schools have a Guidance or School Counselor, but few of us may be aware of...

Dr. Liz Matheis
Special Needs

A “Special Needs-Friendly” Label Doesn’t Mean It Actually Is

You have to see the child and take time to understand them. If you cannot do that, you are not fit to care for any child, much less one with special needs.

Jamie Sumner
burnt out

When Burnout Becomes Your Middle Name

Has the past several months left you feeling burnt out? Life, as we know it, has been very different since March 16, 2020...

Dr. Liz Matheis

Parenting: When You’re the One Who’s Less Fun

As the needs of our family shifts so will our parenting roles and strengths. In this current season of our lives, I’m the one who does the laundry and makes sure the homework gets done, which leaves them free to ramble with their dad on the few days I’m gone.

Jamie Sumner
Tube Fed Child

A Mother’s Perspective: Bonding With Your Tube Fed Child

Being both a mother and a professional in the food and nutrition business, Julie shares her advice for bonding with families of a tube fed child.

Aimee Jaremowicz RD, LDN
How Powerful Words Can Be

When My Son Was Born I Learned How Powerful Words Can Be

With no previous experience being marginalized or on the receiving end of slurs, I lacked experience with how powerful words can be and how badly they can sting.

Alethea Mshar
learning disability

Does My Child Have a Learning Disability?

Recently, several parents have reached out to me as they are now realizing that their child is struggling academically, and they are uncertain if this is due to a learning disability, ADHD or anxiety.

Dr. Liz Matheis
Summer Travels

6 Tips for Summer Travels During the Pandemic

Traveling during and/or post a pandemic is filled with more anticipatory fear over the unknowns than fun. Here are six tips for safe summer travels.

Jamie Sumner
Medical test results

Medical Test Results, Not as Simple as Positive or Negative

Waiting for medical test results can be emotionaly draining. however the complexity does not stop there. There's beyond "negative is good, positive is bad."

Alethea Mshar
children summer

The Summer Slide: 5 Ways to Keep Your Children Productive

By the end of summer 2020, our children will have physically been out of school for 6 months. This article features 5 tips for scheduling your children's days to slow that 'summer slide.'

Dr. Liz Matheis