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Incontinence Video Certificate Program

Video Certificate Program: Incontinence

Shield HealthCare’s Video Certificate Program is intended to provide basic insights into our Incontinence, Diabetes, Urology and Wound Care product lines. Join us for our 15-Minute Incontinence Overview Program! Incontinence is the partial or complete loss of bladder and/or bowel control. It’s often a symptom of other medical issues, and sometimes it’s the result of… Continue reading Video Certificate Program: Incontinence

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Expert Tips About Incontinence

Video: 7 Expert Tips About Incontinence

In these expert tips about incontinence, we cover speaking with your doctor, diet, weight, kegel exercises, leakage, embarrassment, and UTIs.

Aimee Sharp
Change Incontinence Briefs

Video: How to Change Incontinence Briefs – Tips for Caregivers

In this video, we shows caregivers how to change incontinence briefs (also known as an adult brief or diaper) on another person.

Aimee Sharp
Living Well with Incontinence

Recorded Webinar: Living Well with Incontinence Video

Watch this recorded webinar - Addresses ways to reduce incontinence, and covers products and strategies for successful management including skin care.

Danny Nguyen
Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis

Video: Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis – Prevalence and Economic Impact

Incontinence-associated dermatitis, or IAD, is an inflammation of the skin that occurs when the skin comes into contact with urine and/or fecal matter. It can be both painful and embarrassing for patients and is a well-recognized risk factor for the development of pressure injuries, which are not only painful for patients, but also expensive to… Continue reading Video: Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis – Prevalence and Economic Impact

John Maynard
Incontinence Webinar

Managing Fecal and Urinary Incontinence Webinar Video and Supplemental Material

Find the video and the presentation slides for Shield HealthCare's Managing Fecal and Urinary Incontinence Webinar, presented by Jeff Souza, RN, BSN, WOCN.

Aimee Sharp
Identifying Skin Damage

Recorded Webinar: Identifying Skin Damage Video

In this recorded webinar, our certified presenter discusses identifying skin damage by assessing if a pressure injury or IAD is at fault.

Aimee Sharp
how to apply a diaper

How to Apply a Diaper: A Video for Caregivers

The incontinence experts at Prevail products created this informative video on how to apply a diaper. The video includes...

Gina Flores