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Changing the Way You See A Doctor

Technology Is Changing the Way You See A Doctor, But Is That Good for Your Health?

In this article from CNN, learn about the ways the internet is changing the way you see a doctor - and all the good and bad that can come from it.

Aimee Sharp
Hospital Supply Inventory Management

Hospital Supply Inventory Management Creating a Cottage Industry For Technology

By Rachel Z. Arndt for Modern Healthcare Within every hospital, supply problems are likely to lurk....

Aimee Sharp
Alzheimer’s Disease

A Common Virus May Play Role in Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds

By Pam Belluck for the New York Times It has long been a controversial theory about Alzheimer’s...

Aimee Sharp
Physician Health Plan Credentialing

How States Are Simplifying Physician Health Plan Credentialing

How States Are Simplifying Physician Health Plan Credentialing – By Gregory A. Freeman...

Aimee Sharp
Stand-Alone ERs

Congress Urged To Cut Medicare Payments To Many Stand-Alone ERs

By Michelle Andrews for Kaiser Health News The woman arrived at the emergency department gasping...

Aimee Sharp
Hospital-Employed Physicians

Rapid Rise in Hospital-Employed Physicians Increases Costs

By Alex Kacik for Modern Healthcare Wilmington Health is approached by a potential buyer about...

Aimee Sharp

Caring for Siblings of Sick or Disabled Children

In this article originally published by The New York Times, read one doctor's advice for how to make sure siblings of disabled children feel valued.

Aimee Sharp
Social Effects on Health

Moody’s Report First to Measure Social Effects on Health in Every County

Blue Cross Blue Shield health data were combined with information on social determinants of health. The result illustrates social effects on health.

Aimee Sharp
Older Patients

How Older Patients Can Dodge Pitfalls Entrenched In Health Care System

By Judith Graham for Kaiser Health News Being old and sick in America frequently means a doctor...

Aimee Sharp
More Than 500 Wounded in Mass Shooting

Las Vegas Hospitals Treat More Than 500 Wounded in Mass Shooting

Implementing mass casualty protocols, Las Vegas hospitals treat more than 500 injured in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, which has left 58...

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