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When to Contact Your Doctor

When to Contact Your Doctor with Stoma Complications or Peristomal Skin Issues

It’s important to know what your healthy stoma and peristomal skin look like. There are some symptoms to watch for. Find a list for each in this article.

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Skin Care

Ostomy Skin Care Basics – Peristomal Skin

How can you keep the skin under and around your wafer healthy and dry? Read our articles on Ostomy Skin Care Basics for answers on how to keep your skin healthy.

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Skin Care for Ostomies

Skin Care for Ostomies | New Ostomates

Making sure the skin around the stoma is healthy not only eliminates itching, damaged skin, it helps the wafer stick to the skin better. 

Laura Cox, LPC
Clean the skin around the stoma

How To Clean the Skin Around the Stoma

People with ostomies need to take special care of the stoma and surrounding skin. See these answers to the most commonly asked questions about stoma care.

Laura Cox, LPC

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