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work after ostomy surgery

Going Back to Work After Ostomy Surgery

Tips on how to make your transition back to work after ostomy surgery as easy as possible and what to talk to your boss about.

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Surgery Recovery

Ostomy Surgery Recovery

Suggestions for lifestyle, diet, and attitude for ostomy surgery recovery. Shield HealthCare shares concise tips to assist in recovery. 

Laura Cox, LPC
recovering from surgery

Easy Outings While Recovering from Surgery

Recovering from surgery takes patience and time. Being cooped up while recovering can lead to cabin fever. Here are some easy tips to avoid cabin fever. 

Laura Cox, LPC

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Hey Laura, I’m a new ostomate and just got the clearance from my doctor to resume a regular diet. Any tips for things I should watch out for?
Hi Susan, Excellent question!
I would say there are three important things you can do to reduce your risk of problems when returning to a more normal diet...