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I Don’t Want an Ostomy Bag – Top Concerns for Those Facing Ostomy Surgery

No one wants an ostomy bag. But Laura has one, and it hasn't stopped her from living & enjoying her life. Watch these top ostomy concerns get blown away.

Aimee Sharp
Overview of the GI Tract

Overview of the GI Tract Before and After Ostomy Surgery

In this article, we look at an overview of the GI Tract before & after ostomy surgery. We also look at the different diversions and the location of stomas.

Laura Cox, LPC

Preparing for Surgery

In this article we discuss what to expect during the pre-surgery visit with a WOC nurse as well as tips on how to prepare yourself for your total colectomy.

Laura Cox, LPC
What to Bring to the Hospital

What to Bring to the Hospital

There are certain supplies you need to make sure you bring to make you comfortable. Here’s a list of suggestions for what to bring to the hospital.

Laura Cox, LPC
FAQs about Ostomies

10 FAQs about Ostomies

Shield's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist answers some of the FAQs about Ostomies. Topics include relationships, bathing, traveling and more!

Laura Cox, LPC
Before Ostomy Surgery

Before Ostomy Surgery

You got this. The time you spend preparing before ostomy surgery can be hard, but worth it. Find articles and advice from your soon-to-be fellow ostomates.

Aimee Sharp
What is an Ostomy

What is an Ostomy? | Ostomy 101

What is an ostomy and why is it needed? An ostomy is a surgical operation that creates a new outside opening for body wastes. The opening is called a stoma.

Gina Flores

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Hey Laura, I’m a new ostomate and just got the clearance from my doctor to resume a regular diet. Any tips for things I should watch out for?
Hi Susan, Excellent question!
I would say there are three important things you can do to reduce your risk of problems when returning to a more normal diet...