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Exercising with an Ostomy

Exercising with an Ostomy | Products That Can Help

In this blog, we discuss exercising with an ostomy and what products can make living an active lifestyle with a stoma easier and worry-free.

Laura Cox, LPC
exercise with an ostomy

How to Exercise with an Ostomy

We discuss how to exercise with an ostomy safely-reintegrating yourself into an exercise routine and how to stay healthy while doing it.

Laura Cox, LPC
Swimming with an Ostomy

Swimming with an Ostomy

The idea of submerging your new ostomy in water can sound scary. But with the correct supplies, swimming with an ostomy can be a fun, carefree experience!

Laura Cox, LPC

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My family and I are taking a road trip. I wanted to know what accessories should be used when starting to drive or ride in a car. Should I use something to cover the stoma?
Great question! It all depends on if the seat belt is coming in contact with your stoma.
If the seat belt does not come in contact with your stoma, no additional accessories are needed. If the seat belt does come in contact, you can use a stoma guard or a seat belt cover to protect the stoma