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Natural Disaster Preparation when Living with an Ostomy

Natural Disaster Preparation when Living with an Ostomy

Find useful tips for natural disaster preparation when living with an ostomy, including what to keep in an emergency evacuation bag.

Laura Cox, LPC
Peristomal Hernia

Peristomal Hernia | Ask Laura

Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist answers questions about a peristomal hernia. Are they normal? What can I do about them?

Laura Cox, LPC
abdominal adhesions

Abdominal Adhesions

Information about abdominal adhesions: How they form, how they're treated, symptoms of abdominal adhesions and how to reduce pain caused by the adhesions.

Laura Cox, LPC
Intestinal Blockage

Intestinal Blockages

Shield HealthCare describes and provides information on what to expect with an intestinal blockage. Suggestions to resolve blockages included. 

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Issues

Ostomy Issues and Complications

Everyone with a stoma can attest that they don't always behave themselves. And, on occasion, they can cause some pretty serious ostomy issues. Learn more.

Aimee Sharp

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How do I handle altitude sickness and staying hydrated with my ostomy while enjoying my trip to Colorado?
Hi Rob, that's a fantastic question!
Since having my ostomy I have hiked in a couple of high altitude places, including Colorado. I'm glad you're aware of the extra difficulties living with an ostomy can have on the severity of altitude sickness. The good news is, with preparation and a smart game-plan, you can have a great trip and hopefully decrease the chances of having altitude sickness.