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Body Image With an Ostomy

Video: Body Image with an Ostomy

Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, discusses different aspects of body image with an ostomy, including age, dating and more.

Laura Cox, LPC
after ostomy surgery

10 Things I’ve Done Since Having Ostomy Surgery

In the few years after ostomy surgery, I have accomplished and experienced so much. I wanted to share my short-list with you!

Laura Cox, LPC
Famous People with Ostomies

Famous People with Ostomies

If you have an ostomy, you're in good company! Here's a list of twelve famous people with ostomies that may surprise you. Read on:

Laura Cox, LPC
Support Network

Support Network – Who Should be in Yours?

Shield HealthCare gives suggestions on how to form a good support network.In this article, we discuss deliberately choosing people to be in yours. 

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Inspiration

Ostomy Inspiration

We all have down days; sometimes a little inspiration can help lift our spirits.Your ostomy doesn't have to stop you from living a wonderful life.

Aimee Sharp
Telling someone you have an ostomy

Telling Someone You Have an Ostomy

Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist discusses telling someone you have an ostomy. She gives tips and talks about developing a script.

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Resources

Links to More Ostomy Resources

Shield HealthCare provides a list of links to ostomy resources that are relevant, reliable and positive. Follow the links to learn more about ostomies.

Gina Flores

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Hey Laura, I’m a new ostomate and just got the clearance from my doctor to resume a regular diet. Any tips for things I should watch out for?
Hi Susan, Excellent question!
I would say there are three important things you can do to reduce your risk of problems when returning to a more normal diet...