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Neurogenic Bladder

How to Manage a Neurogenic Bladder

Learning to manage a neurogenic bladder and its erratic function can prove to be one of the biggest challenges of recovery from a spinal cord injury.

Aaron Baker
self-catheterization travel kits

How to Safely Catheterize in a Public Restroom | Ask Aaron

In this question for our Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist, John wants to know about how to use a self-catheter kit in a public restroom.

Aaron Baker
Indwelling Catheters

Indwelling Catheters (Foley Catheters)

An indwelling catheter (also know as a Foley catheter, because that is the type most often used) is a  catheter that stays inside the body during its use. This is how it differs from external catheters (such as condom catheters or female external catheters), which remain completely outside the body, or intermittent catheters, which are… Continue reading Indwelling Catheters (Foley Catheters)

Aimee Sharp

CAUTI Infographic: Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection

Despite financial penalties, rates of CAUTI are on the rise. See our infographic with information on the cost, prevalence and prevention of CAUTI.

Sarah McIlvaine
how to use an intermittent catheter

10 Steps to Self-Catheterization

With intermittent catheters, you have the freedom to choose when and where to empty your bladder. Here are 10 steps on how to use an intermittent catheter.

Laura Cox, LPC
Male External Catheters

Male External Catheters and Skin Health

Learn about how to maintain skin health when using male external catheters. MECs should be removed daily for cleansing and skin inspection.

Aimee Sharp
Male External Catheter

Male External Catheter Troubleshooting: Sizing Importance

When using a male external catheter, it is important to use the correct size and to practice proper preparation to prevent leaking and skin damage.

Aimee Sharp
Male External Catheter

Getting Started with Male External Catheters

If you have been told that the best solution for your incontinence is a male external catheter or you plan to try this system, this information will help...

Gina Flores
Bladder Health

A Guide To Bladder Health

No matter where we are, bacteria exists in our surroundings.  Proper hygiene and cleanliness is essential for people who use intermittent catheters, as well as condom catheters. The guidelines below are every day ways to promote bladder health. What are the basic steps for bladder health and hygiene? Regularly empty your bladder Properly dispose of your intermittent or condom catheter… Continue reading A Guide To Bladder Health

Gina Flores
Urological Product Glossary

Urological Product Glossary

You'll find many catheters in our urological product glossary, from pediatric to geriatric. Shield HealthCare offers leading brand urological products.

Paul Leary
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