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Are You at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes – Self Assessment

04/27/23  8:00 AM PST

Download: Are You at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Available in English and Spanish

Download the short self-assessment to begin taking steps to a healthier lifestyle. Reduce your risk level for type 2 diabetes by making healthy food choices and staying active. With so much information available regarding diets on the internet, in books, on TV, and with many “quick fixes” plans, it can be very confusing and often contradictory. Those of us that are monitoring our glucose levels for optimal health were traditionally told to “not eat this” or “cut out these foods” or “handed a diet to follow”. This made choosing foods difficult and even harder to stick to a plan.

In the past, we had very few tools to measure glucose levels. Daily finger sticks give us information in just a moment of time, and we are unaware of what happens with glucose levels between those finger sticks. The introduction of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) has provided the ability to personalize your lifestyle and food choices by having real-time actionable information.




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