How to Use the Dexcom Follow App

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08/16/23  5:07 PM PST
how to use the dexcom follow app

Dexcom Follow App for Friends, Family, and Caregivers

For individuals managing diabetes, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems offer a life-changing, state-of-the-art technological tool to help track glucose. Unlike a single reading from a blood glucose meter, CGM systems provide continuous, real-time information about the glucose level and its rate of change, giving individuals with diabetes an easier way to manage their glucose levels without fingersticks.

While there are several CGMs on the market, the new Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitoring system is the most accurate CGM available today. Among its many benefits, the Dexcom G7 comes with an intuitive app that provides easy-to-read glucose insights. One of the app’s most exciting features is making that data shareable with select friends, family and caregivers.


How does the Dexcom Follow App Work?

The Dexcom G7 app comes with a built-in “Dexcom Share” feature so users can invite up to ten people to follow their glucose levels. Followers can remotely monitor user glucose data and trends on their compatible smart device with the Dexcom Follow app while connected to the internet.

To recap:

  • Dexcom users use the Dexcom G7 app, and can invite followers through that app.
  • Friends and followers use the Dexcom Follow app, after being invited to download the app by a G7 user.

Dexcom users are in control. The user can pick and choose what data to share, and with which followers. The user can choose to share their trend graph or just their glucose value. They can enable followers to receive notifications for multiple glucose events, like “High” or “Low”. Or, users can simply share the “Urgent Low” notification for an extra layer of support. It’s easy to add or remove followers and to change what information each follower receives.

Family and friends gain peace of mind. Do you care for someone with diabetes? Being able to monitor a friend or loved one’s glucose levels helps both the follower and the CGM user have greater peace of mind. Some older adults may need more assistance with diabetes management as they approach later stages of life. For loved ones following their glucose data, they’ll be able to modify notifications and check their status anytime, day or night.


Five Benefits of using the Dexcom Follow App

Data shows that sharing glucose data with followers is associated with a wide variety of benefits, including improved diabetes management and better clinical outcomes. Data-supported benefits of the app include:


1. More Time in Range.

Data shows that a greater number of followers correlates with more time spent in range and less time below 70 mg/dL (hypoglycemia).


 2. Lower A1C.

People with followers report that data sharing has played a role in lowering their A1C.



3. Fewer Episodes of Hypoglycemia.

People with followers reported experiencing fewer episodes of hypoglycemia and feeling more confident in their ability to avoid and manage low glucose events.


4. Improved Sleep Quality

A study of adults with diabetes showed that data sharing results in more quality sleep for the person with diabetes.


5. Greater Well-Being

Dexcom users report data sharing gives them greater peace of mind and helps them feel less alone with their diabetes.



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Where to Download the Dexcom Follow App:

The Dexcom Follow App is fully compatible with the Dexcom G7 system and is available for download on both Android and Apple devices:

For more information, visit the Dexcom Follow app landing page:

Find videos with more information about the Dexcom G7 here:


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