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puppy for children with cerebral palsy

The Reality of Medical PTSD

The majority of my dreams come in the early hours of the morning. The dream that I dream will usually heavily influence how I begin the day.

Jamie Sumner
feeding tube accessories

A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day in elementary school was epic. You decorated your container (mine was a Keds shoebox, because, hello, it was the 80s) in construction paper and glitter stickers. You went to Walmart or Target (because there was no Amazon) and selected the pack of cards to give your class. Then, on the big day, you… Continue reading A Different Kind of Valentine’s Day Love

Jamie Sumner
Enteral Nutrition

National Feeding Tube Awareness Week

From February 4th – 10th, 2024, we celebrate Feeding Tube Awareness Week. Originally hosted by the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, Feeding Tube Awareness Week was created to increase awareness about the lifesaving benefits that tube feeding provides. It also allows us an opportunity to provide recognition and support to families overcoming the day-to-day challenges of… Continue reading National Feeding Tube Awareness Week

Allison Dalton
special needs parenting

Embracing Developmental Differences

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is an important time to recognize and raise awareness about individuals with disabilities and their contributions to society.

Paige Oyaga
Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

Go Green for Cerebral Palsy

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about this neurological disorder that affects millions of people worldwide.

Paige Oyaga

What ADHD is NOT

It’s so easy to have many ideas and thoughts about children, teens, and young adults with ADHD. What we often label as laziness, poor motivation, and not being able to “just do it” are not those things at all. In fact, our kids with ADHD have deep, individual struggles and resulting strengths. It is a… Continue reading What ADHD is NOT

Dr. Liz Matheis
Intermittent Catheters

How to Winterize Your Wheelchair

Winter is upon us. The holidays are over. What’s left is the slog that makes it almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning and touch a warm toe to cold floor. But my son Charlie loves this time of year. He lives for the brutal (he’d call it brisk) wind and the… Continue reading How to Winterize Your Wheelchair

Jamie Sumner
exhausted parent

Time Management for Parents

Parents, It’s Ok to Do Less From the minute you first become a parent, your time is no longer your own. Parents spend a great deal of time thinking about what has to be done and then figuring out the sequence in which to do it so that it can all get done most efficiently… Continue reading Time Management for Parents

Dr. Liz Matheis
learning disability

School Accommodations for Children with ADHD

Children, teens, and young adults with ADHD often struggle to get through daily routines at home and in school, even though these routines have been in place since the beginning of the school year. As parents, expecting that our kids are going to be able to get things done at school without accommodation means we… Continue reading School Accommodations for Children with ADHD

Dr. Liz Matheis
New Year's Resolution

Let the Good Times Roll: Best Accessibility Inventions from 2023

Modern Healthcare reported that a thirty-seven billion dollar Aetna-Humana merger was blocked in a U.S. District Court decision by Judge John D. Bates.

Jamie Sumner
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