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How to Best Support Your Child with a Learning Disability

How to Best Support Your Child with a Learning Disability

As a parent, we’re often troubleshooting challenges as they happen. To help streamline your next steps, we spoke with Dr. Liz Matheis who specializes in assisting children and their families with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and learning/behavioral disorders.

Sarah Sanchez, NDTR
Blood Bonor

National Blood Donor Month: My Thanks To Blood Donors

January is National Blood Donor Month. To those of you who donate, please receive my gratitude. To those of you considering donation please use this as your push to take the plunge and give.

Alethea Mshar

A Lesson on Adaptation and Improvisation

The history of jazz has taught this mom about adaptaion, improvisation and leaning into opportunities that seem like mistakes.

Jamie Sumner

Radical Acceptance of My Child Changed Everything

Radical acceptance of my child changed everything, but mostly it changed me. When Alex, now 17, was...

Alethea Mshar
Yoga Made Me a Better Parent 900x600

How Yoga Has Made Me a Better Parent

Not only has yoga helped this mom with back pain, it has helped her become a better parent. Learning to calm her mind in moments of vulnerability is making her stronger then before.

Jamie Sumner
Dear Grandparents, We need You

Dear Grandparents, We Need You

Parents of children with special needs speak up about the support they need from grandparents...even when it seems counterintuitive.

Alethea Mshar
Our Sensory Friendly Holiday Tradition

A New Holiday Tradition: Visiting a Sensory-friendly Santa

For Charlie, visiting Santa was a tall order considering the noisy crowds and long wait time. That's until they discovered the sensory-friendly Santa.

Jamie Sumner
What is Re-Evaluation and Does My Child Need One?

What is Re-Evaluation and Does My Child Need One?

What happens after your child is evaluated and their IEP is established? Learn what re-evaluation is, why it's valuable and when to have it done.

Dr. Liz Matheis
We'll be Home for Christmas

Why Our Family Opts to Stay Home for the Holidays

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, my children deserve a safe, fun, and relaxed season, and that means home sweet home.

Alethea Mshar

Family Budgeting: Three Freebies You May Not Know About

As a parent of a child with special needs, you know how difficult budgeting around insurance deductibles can be. Here are 3 freebies you may not know about.

Jamie Sumner