My Child with Complex Medical Needs: A Day in the Life Part 1 – Video

Alethea Mshar
Special needs mom and Blogger
02/23/17  10:53 AM PST

If you have a child with complex medical needs, spending a day on medical procedures is commonplace. Today my son and I are at the hospital for an entire day of medical testing – something we go through a few times a year.

Child with Complex Medical Needs

Sleepy Ben is waking up from sedation after a medical procedure. This is important so he can stay still during the procedure. He has Down syndrome and autism so medical procedures can be more difficult that it would be with a typical child. He’s in today for an echocardiogram, blood draw and appointment with the doctor.

Child with Complex Medical Needs

We left the house at 8 am and returned at 3 pm. We have these days approximately four to six times a year. It has become pretty routine for us, and we know almost all the staff in the sedation area on a first name basis. Some of them have cared for Ben since he was a toddler. We used to have a couple of days like this a month, so for us it’s actually pleasant to only have a few a year!  Almost like a reunion.

Child with Complex Medical Needs

To help Ben cope and stay distracted during medical procedures, we like to bring along some of his favorite items, such as an iPad and kids’ doctor kit.

child with complex medical needs

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