Fostering Medically Fragile Children

Jessie Varela, RDN, LDN | Registered Dietitian
07/01/23  12:25 PM PST

As a Shield Healthcare Dietitian, I work with many remarkable individuals who go above and beyond to make a lasting impact on the lives of the children we serve. This is the story of two wonderful foster parents I had the privilege of meeting. 

Meet Victor and Carol, an extraordinary family of nurses who have dedicated their lives to fostering medically fragile pediatric patients. Their inspiring story of selflessness and compassion is a testament to the power of family and the impact one can have on the lives of those in need.

Driven by their shared calling and desire to make a difference beyond the hospital walls, Victor and Carol made a life-altering decision to foster. They felt called to open their hearts and their home to medically fragile pediatric patients who require specialized care and nurturing. By fostering these children, they aim to provide a loving and stable environment where these young warriors can thrive and heal.

Fostering medically fragile children comes with unique challenges, including demanding round-the-clock care, doctors’ appointments, specialized medical training, and unwavering commitment. Victor and Carol face each obstacle head-on, united in their goal of providing the best possible care for the children entrusted to them.

With their nursing expertise, Victor and Carol have become pillars of support for these children, navigating complex medical conditions, administering medications, and coordinating with medical professionals to ensure every child receives the specialized care needed.

Victor and Carol’s journey as foster parents has not only transformed the lives of the children they serve but has also greatly impacted their own lives. They welcome each child into their home as their own. They experience the joys of milestones achieved, victories won over illness, and unconditional love.

Their story shines a bright light on the power of fostering and helping those in need. Victor and Carol’s decision to foster medically fragile children displays the true meaning of compassion and selflessness. They have created a safe space where these children have a chance to heal, grow, and experience the love of a family.

Their story gives us hope and reminds us that every child deserves a chance to thrive, regardless of circumstances, and the profound impact one can have on the lives of others.

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  1. So happy this couple has opened their hearts and home to care for the most precious of children. For 38 years we were a Foster Family to medically fragile and terminally ill children and children in need of being fostered until they could return home or be placed in forever homes and we so enjoyed giving the children a chance at as normal as possible life they could have. We adopted 7 of our foster children, two of who have passed away but even though they had multiple medical problems they had the opportunity to have a life full of love and care from our whole family. We lost 9 precious ones over the years, and it was hard to care for them 24/7 then loose them but we’d do it again in a heart beat. In the 38 years we had over 1400 children in our home. We now just have our three remaining adopted special needs children at home with us. We didn’t have previous medical training but learned all we did from each special child that was placed in our care. From feeding problems to full ventilator children. I encourage people to pen their homes to take these children so they don’t have to spend their whole life in a hospital.

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