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Special Needs Parenting: When the Storm Hits

When you're parenting a child with special needs, there will always be storms. Life is about unexpected situations and how we weather them.

Jamie Sumner
Child with Complex Needs

Job Description: Parent of a Child with Complex Needs

Wanted: Parent of a Child with Complex Needs. Must be willing to work more than 100 hours per week on minimal sleep. Experience in nursing, pharmacy, physical/occupational/speech therapy, teaching and medical law preferred. Must begin immediately upon qualifying diagnosis.

Alethea Mshar

Redefining Independence for Your Special Needs Child

To be independent is a hard-wrought thing. Eating, breathing, speaking, moving…these things take intense effort from a child and family with special needs.

Jamie Sumner
special needs mom

Special Needs Mom: When Your Friend is Expecting

There’s something to be said for developing your “surprise face” when someone close to you tells you she’s pregnant. As a special needs mom to a son who was born ten weeks early and has a myriad of life-long complications, I have more than a touch of PTSD when it comes to pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Jamie Sumner

Parenting a Child with Special Needs Roundtable Webinar

Raising a child with complex medical, developmental and mental health needs can be a nerve-wracking experience. Join our panel of four parents as they discuss the skills and mindset they’ve developed to manage this extreme environment.

Danny Nguyen

Children with Special Needs and Therapy Burnout

When it hit us, it hit hard and fast. I don’t know if there’s an actual name for it, but I call it therapy burnout. Here's what we learned from quitting therapy for over a year.

Alethea Mshar

Incontinence in Children with Special Needs

For many families, the day that a toddler uses the potty for the first time is a time of celebration. But for some families with children with special needs, that day may come much later, or not at all. And that's okay!

Aimee Sharp
Father's Day

Why My Husband Was at the Spa on Father’s Day

My husband's unusual request for a Father's Day gift surprised me...until I stopped and thought about all he does for our child with cerebral palsy and for our whole family.

Jamie Sumner
father's day

For Dads of Children with Special Needs on Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the father of my child with special needs. When we got married, we made the traditional vows of “sickness and health”. Never once did it cross my mind that the sickness would involve our child.

Alethea Mshar
special needs

The Key to Traveling with a Child with Special Needs

I am on my couch, googling “travel backpack-special needs-forty plus pounds.” We are - deep breath - taking a family vacation to Colorado in July. We will try all the things I was too worried to try last time...I will be braver so he can be braver.

Jamie Sumner
Pediatric Tube Feeding Guide
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