Rauner Looking Into State Buying Vacant Nursing Home in Quincy

Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
03/15/18  4:07 PM PST
Vacant Nursing Home

By Maximilian Kwiatkowski for The State Journal-Register

Gov. Bruce Rauner is looking into buying a new home for veterans in Quincy, as well as adding a new building to the existing veterans’ home campus.

The governor announced the two new facilities in a press release Thursday, calling them efforts to prevent further outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease at the home, which since 2015 has had 13 Legionnaires-related deaths.

The facility they are looking to purchase is a nursing home a few blocks from the current one in Quincy that has been vacant for a year. It would be used as a last resort in case of an outbreak and would require some renovations, such as infrastructure for the water supply, before being used. According to the administration, there are no plans to move residents.

“We have to avoid knee-jerk reactions that will cause more harm than good. There are serious dangers associated with moving residents. This is their home. Our staff who care for them are like family,” Rauner said.

His other proposal is to build new facility on the campus that would be “state of the art” and built in preparation for veterans serving in the current War on Terror.

The governor is planning on submitting the proposals in April when the General Assembly reconvenes. To fund the projects, the governor is seeking a grant from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs that could cover up to 65 percent of the costs of the new facility. The governor’s announcement did not immediately reveal a cost estimate for the projects.

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