Caregiver Contest Grand Prize Winner: Veronica A.

03/24/23  11:29 AM PST

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Veronica A. from Washington.

I am a single mother and caregiver to my 18-year-old son, who is my heart.

I have a small cleaning business and this summer I became his paid care giver, which feels amazing.

I have 3 other kids, 2 are married and on their own, and I am going to be a grandmother in March.
We have learned that My grandson has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, and so as I fill out this care giver entry contest, it has become quite profound to me thinking about what I would want to pass on to my daughter-in-law about what I have learned being a caregiver/parent. First, I would l say that, yes it can be hard. But it has been worth every single hardship I have encountered. I’ve learned that the good parts become even sweeter and more deeply felt with a new appreciation for the little things I used to take for granted. I’ve learned how to turn second guessing myself, the doctor, the teacher, etc., into being a researcher and bold advocate who asks questions and chooses what’s right for my son without guilt. I’ve learned that for every unpleasant glance I get from strangers, I get 5 times as many smiling, compassionate faces. That has made me a more gracious person. I’ve learned that I don’t have to compete with others. And learned to say No, not to commit to too much. Having boundaries and setting priorities. And that is very freeing! I have learned what it means to truly “love one another” and that has made me a better person. I’ve learned that if I am open to it, there will be divine appointments of people put in our path that will help me, teach me, and encourage me and my son. I’ve learned that if my son can preserver through his struggles, then so can I. I’ve learned that my sacrifices are greatly rewarded with hugs and smiles and happy clapping. It’s very rewarding and worth it.

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