Caregiver Contest Runner-Up Winner: Guadalupe G. P.

03/31/23  4:05 PM PST

Congratulations to Runner-Up winner Guadalupe G. P. from Hayward, California.

Before I gave birth to my twin son Raul, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy because he stopped breathing after he was born, I was a teacher who had the opportunity to work in an inclusive classroom. I worked with children who were both special needs and non-special needs. This was a wonderful experience because not only did I learn so much, but I also learned a new level of compassion and patience. Little did I know that God was going to send me my own special needs child. Someone who not only is surrounding me with love but also teaches me new things. Even though he is nonverbal, he has taught me his unique form of communication. I have learned to differentiate his different cries, for hunger, sleep, and pain. Another way that caring for my son has changed my life is by becoming aware of how dependent a special needs person is and how extremely important it is for me as a caregiver to advocate for his needs. I learned that doing my own research is a must! Within my research, I was able to educate myself on the way cerebral palsy affected my son as well as other possible health conditions. Finally, I have also learned more things within the medical terms, I’m starting to learn sign language and I have been teaching Raul to communicate with switch toys and special apps. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to share our wonderful story.

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