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Enteral Nutrition Newsletter January-February 2012

Amy Long Carrera, MS, RD, CNSC, CWCMS
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
12/30/11  5:19 PM PST

Shield HealthCare provides dedicated support and resources for tube-fed patients and their caregivers. This latest edition of our Enteral Nutrition Support Program Newsletter includes helpful information specific to pediatric tube feeding.

P E D I A T R I C   C O R N E R

On-staff Shield HealthCare Registered Dietitians help your pediatric patients make the transition from hospital to home more smoothly. Parents are often overwhelmed by all of the information provided during the discharge process. RDs interpret and explain medical terminology and abbreviations that caregivers might not understand. They also instruct parents and caregivers on proper formula preparation and use of home enteral equipment and supplies. Shield HealthCare RDs serve as a vital communication link between families and other healthcare professionals.

Test Your Knowledge

True or False: Prepared infant formula may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Answer: True.  As recommended by the World Health Organization.

Featured Product: PediaSure Peptide

PediaSure Peptide (formerly called Vital Jr) is a nutritionally complete, semi-elemental formula for the nutrition needs of children ages 1 to 13 years with malabsorption, maldigestion and other gastrointestinal conditions. Abbott Nutrition recently changed the name in order to clarify the main feature (peptide-based) of this product.

Amounts of Vitamin A, D and zinc are slightly increased. Whey-dominant protein, prebiotic soluble fiber and structured lipids may contribute to improved tolerance, absorption, growth and development for your pediatric patients who require a semi-elemental formula. Please contact your local Shield HealthCare Registered Dietitian with any questions.

February 5-11 is Feeding Tube Awareness Week!

Tube feeding is often associated with missing an essential aspect of life: eating.

Thanks to increased awareness, tube feeding is now recognized as a lifesaving medical intervention that provides essential nutrition. Feeding Tube Awareness was developed by “Tubie Mommas and Daddies,” a group of parents raising children with feeding tubes. Their mission is to enhance the acceptance of tube feeding, dispel feeding tube myths and share practical experience for parents with tube-fed children.  http://www.feedingtubeawareness.org/ provides resources for types of tubes, conditions associated with tube feeding and ways to get involved.

Last year, the group hosted a series of events at http://www.Facebook.com/FeedingTubeAwareness to engage family and friends of tubies, address common misconceptions and share positive experiences.

Other Helpful Resources:

Shield HealthCare’s on-staff Registered Dietitians are available to answer questions and make recommendations to troubleshoot and enhance tube feeding at home. Call your local office or visit us at http://www.facebook.com/shieldhealthcare

Shield HealthCare’s online Nutrition Community regularly provides enteral newsletters, home tube feeding tips and evidence-based nutrition information. Stay informed and share your comments at  http://www.shieldhealthcare.com/community/nutrition

Healthy at Home: Formula Safety

Since powdered formulas cannot be sterilized, it is important to take extra special care when handling these products. Reduce the risk of infection with proper handling of formula and related supplies.

Start with clean hands and equipment. Wash all mixing tools in hot, soapy water, then allow to air dry. A dishwasher is also an effective way to clean and sanitize bottles, nipples and measuring utensils.

Check the date. Before opening a can of powdered formula, check the can’s use-by date. The nutriti onal quality of the product cannot be guaranteed aft er this date has passed. If you are using a modular product, such as Duocal, Benecalorie or Beneprotein, write the date the can was opened on the top of the lid. After one month, consider the opened can expired and open a new can. Store prepared formula in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours.

Stick to the recipe. Follow your healthcare provider’s directions exactly when preparing formula.

Reference: http://www.cdc.gov/

Shield HealthCare Uses Sound Clinical Judgment To Care For Your Patients: Success Story

SF is a 16 year-old girl with a recent diagnosis of achalasia and pain upon swallowing.

She suffers from dysphagia and emesis with solids and liquids. She had a nasojejunal tube placed and was ordered a feeding pump for home. When the patient was brought on service with Shield HealthCare, a Registered Dietitian met her and her mom at the hospital with a highly portable 14-oz Enteralite Infinity pump and a convenient carrying backpack.

The Shield HealthCare dietitian made a second visit to the patient home to assure that SF was adjusting to her new lifestyle. As a teenager, it was important for her to be active and to function as normally as possible. The discreet backpack, exclusive to Shield HealthCare, allowed her to continue her daily routine and to not feel limited by her diagnosis.

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