Enteral Nutrition: Resources & Support for Tube Feeding

Amy Long Carrera, MS, RD, CNSC, CWCMS
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
05/12/11  8:20 PM PST

Enteral nutrition is another way to describe tube feeding, a life-sustaining means of getting the nutrition you need to stay healthy and thrive. Being on tube feeding may take some time to get used to. It’s important to have the support of family, friends, healthcare professionals and support groups.


Resources and Support Groups

Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation works to raise positive awareness of tube feeding and to help parents obtain the practical knowledge and support they need. They also started Feeding Tube Awareness Week, dedicated to increasing visibility and acceptance of tube feeding in our communities. It takes place annually during the second week of February. Their Facebook page is the largest online support group for tube feeding in the world.

The Oley Foundation provides support to home tube-fed adults and children in the form of newsletters, experienced volunteers, an online community forum, annual and regional consumer conferences, webinars, a video library, an equipment supply exchange program, and more. All programs are free of charge for consumers and their family members; all medical information is peer reviewed by clinical experts.

Feeding Matters hosts a parent-to-parent online forum to address questions and concerns about pediatric feeding disorders and tube feeding.

Tube Fed Kids is run by parents of tube-fed children. In the forum, parents share experiences and support each other during their tube feeding journey.


Formula/Supply/Equipment Exchanges

These groups run programs that connect people who need supplies with people who would like to donate supplies. Often, the person in need pays for shipping.

Oley Foundation Equipment/Supply Exchange

(866) 454-7351

The Parker Lee Project


Life with a Feeding Tube

infinityfeedingpump.com hosts videos featuring active people living full and active lives with a feeding tube or a child with a feeding tube.

mickey-com offers tube feeding tips, real life stories and other patient resources.

Feeding Raya is a comprehensive blog written by a savvy mother of a child with a feeding tube

ENFit Enteral Connectors

stayconnected.org provides videos, tip sheets, research, position statements and more to educate both patients and healthcare professionals about the solution to enteral misconnections.


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