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Traveling with a Feeding Tube

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
08/05/13  7:59 PM PST
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Planning a vacation? For those with a feeding tube, air travel can be complicated and sometimes stressful. Learn to enjoy air travel with a feeding tube by knowing what to expect ahead of time.

Traveling with a Feeding Tube

  • Feeding tube supplies are allowed through a checkpoint once they have been screened by X-ray or inspection. Carry formula and supplies separately from other luggage, such as in an enteral backpack, and declare these items to an officer to make screening easier.
  • X-ray screening may render your feeding pump inoperable. A pat-down procedure can be used instead.  Inspectors may test the pump for traces of potential explosives.
  • The Transportation Security Administration has created notification cards for travelers to discreetly inform Transportation Security Officers of any medical conditions, disabilities or medical devices that could affect security screening. These cards do not exempt anyone from security screening, but they may improve communication.

For extensive travel tips and more resources on living with a feeding tube, visit the Oley Foundation.

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