Medi-Cal Expands Coverage of Oral Formula

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
04/29/14  5:53 PM PST

Good News for California Residents!

Effective May 1, 2014, Medi-Cal has expanded coverage of oral formula to adults 21 years and older. Eligible beneficiaries without a feeding tube may qualify for enteral formula based on individual medical need. Medi-Cal patients who are no longer eligible for CCS may be able to continue to receive oral formula.

Shield HealthCare has a comprehensive offering of adult oral formulas, including:

  • Nestle Boost
  • Abbott Ensure
  • Nutren Replete
  • Abbott Promote
  • Nestle Resource

…And much more! Shield HealthCare can also provide for your tube-feeding needs with our comprehensive Enteral Nutrition Support Program. Benefits of our ENSP program include:

  • Pump setup within 4 hours of discharge in most cases
  • Direct dietitian-physician communication
  • On-staff RD available for questions and troubleshooting
  • Wellness checks and quarterly nutrition screenings
  • Fewer hospital visits
  • Clinical and nutrition inservices for healthcare professionals

Sign up to receive important nutrition information from Shield HealthCare’s registered dietitians with our quarterly Enteral Nutrition Support Newsletter. Click here to see our Spring 2014 Edition. For more nutrition resources, information and tube-feeding support, visit Shield HealthCare’s Online Nutrition Community.

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