Enteral Nutrition Support Newsletter 2017 – Vol. 1

Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
01/31/17  10:01 AM PST

Shield HealthCare’s first ENSP Newsletter of 2017 is here!

Individuals and groups that may find this information helpful:
• Those with feeding tubes and caregivers of those with feeding tubes
• Hospitals, children’s hospitals, doctor’s offices, specialty clinics, rehab, HHA, Long Term Care
• Health plans, foster homes, residential care facilities, community programs, schools, support groups

In this newsletter, you’ll find the following:

Including examples of tube feeding prescriptions, how to use and care for equipment and supplies, and how to prepare your home for home tube feeding.

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Developmental disabilities can make it hard to meet the nutritional needs of children. Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Down syndrome and other chronic conditions may affect the way a child consumes and uses nutrients. Use this guide to identify some of the common nutrition-related issues associated with these conditions.

The new ENFit design prevents feeding tubes from fitting into non-feeding tube devices.

In this video, our corporate dietitian demonstratesthe new connectors.

In this recorded webinar, our corporate dietitian goes through the ENFit change.

Click here to view or download a PDF version of the newsletter.

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