Tube Feeding Complications and Emergencies

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12/18/18  12:42 PM PST
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Unforeseen events happen. And when it comes to a feeding tube, it is best to be prepared and stay calm. In the articles below, we discuss tips on how to handle matters that may come up while having a feeding tube such as painful and dislodged G-tubes, clogged tubing, and loss of power.

When using dry formula or medications through a feeding tube and you notice resistance when you try to take water or formula in, you may have a clog. Learn how to use warm water to loosed up the clog and clear the feeding tube.

In addition to being prepared for the everyday feeding tube process, it is important to be prepared for loss of power. If a severe storm, earthquake or other disaster occurs, you may not have electricity to keep your feeding pump running for longer than a few hours. In case of enteral feeding pump failure due to temporary power outage, you should have a backup plan such as gravity feeding (discuss with your doctor) to safely administer your feedings.

Check out these articles about tube feeding complications and emergency situations:

DISCLAIMER: This information is designed for customer use only and does not represent the advice of a medical health professional. Please contact your doctor for explicit advice on your prescription and/or feeding program.

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