Pump Setup: Step-by-Step Training Videos

Mary Kuehl, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Shield HealthCare
01/01/19  6:00 AM PST

Tube Feeding Training Videos: Overview

If you have enteral nutrition needs, your doctor may have prescribed tube feeding as part of your treatment plan, which involves the equipment demonstrated on this page. Please review the training videos in this section to get started.

On this page you can watch videos showing how to use an Infinity feeding pump (the video above), Kangaroo Joey feeding pumps, how to use an enteral backpack, how to bolus and gravity feed, how to unclog a feeding tube and you can learn more about the new ENFit changes (see videos below). We also have a recorded webinar available: How to Troubleshoot and Manage Common Complications of Home Tube Feeding.

Never attempt to make repairs on your pump; contact Shield HealthCare at 800.228.7150 for pump troubleshooting if needed. Take care to never immerse the feeding pump in liquid of any kind, even when cleaning. For more information, for pump assistance, or to speak with a Registered Dietitian or trained Enteral Specialist, contact Shield HealthCare at 800.228.7150.

Mira estos videos en Español. We also have some of these videos available to watch with Spanish subtitles and with Chinese subtitles.

Kangaroo Joey Pump Instructional Video:

How to Use an Enteral Backpack:

How to Bolus Feed:

How to Gravity Feed:

How to Unclog Your Feeding Tube:

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