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08/02/22  9:35 AM PST
Formula recall

Lyons Magnus Manufacturing Plant Recalls 53 Beverage Products

On July 28, 2022, the Lyons Magnus manufacturing plant (“Lyons”) in Beloit, Wisconsin, announced a recall of 53 beverage products, including five lots of Kate Farms’ Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla product. Lyons is conducting this voluntary recall due to the potential for microbial contamination, including the organism Cronobacter sakazakii.

Lyons has initiated a voluntary recall of the following Kate Farms Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla lots:

Product Name Lot Code Item No. Expiration Date Package Type
Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla 2512 851823006997 6/1/2023 12 / case of 250mL cartons
Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla 3512 851823006997 6/2/2023 12 / case of 250mL cartons
Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla 4512 851823006997 6/3/2023 12 / case of 250mL cartons
Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla 5512 851823006997 6/4/2023 12 / case of 250mL cartons
Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla 6512 851823006997 6/5/2023 12 / case of 250mL cartons

Other brands included in the recall include Oatly, Stumptown, Glucerna, Intelligentsia, Aloha and Premier Protein. Click here for a full list of products included in this recall.

Cronobacter sakazakii can cause serious infections in young children when ingested, particularly those younger than one year. The symptoms of illness may include a fever, irritability, lack of appetite and other serious symptoms.

If your formula is not part of the above lots, continue to use as normal.  All other Kate Farms products are safe to consume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is going on with Kate Farms formula?

A facility that manufactured a small batch of Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla issued a recall effective July 26th, 2022 due to the potential for microbial contamination.

What was the issue at the manufacturer’s facility?

The facility discovered microbial contamination during testing, impacting the production line. They have issued a recall of all companies’ products potentially affected.

What are the affected products?

The recalled products include five (5) lots of Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla. Lot numbers are in the chart above.

How do I identify the lot number?

The lot number can be located on the top of the packaging, below the date of the product:

What is Kate Farms doing about the recall?

Kate Farms is fully cooperating with the recall and has issued notices to consumers requesting the product be destroyed or returned to us.

Can I continue to use the formula I have at home?

If your formula is Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla from lot numbers 2512, 3512, 4512, 5512, or 6512, please destroy or return it to Kate Farms. If your formula is not from one of those lot numbers, continue to use it as normal.

Can I return my Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla product and get my money back?

Yes. Kate Farms will take back your product and provide a refund or credit.

Who can I contact regarding the recall of Kate Farms product?

Shield customers can contact their local Registered Dietitian for more information. Non-Shield Customers can contact Kate Farms at 805-845-2446.

Click here for more information from Kate Farms, including información de producto en español.

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