Kate Farms: Fresh New Look and Label Updates

07/28/23  10:30 AM PST

Shield HealthCare is committed to providing excellent customer service and keeping you informed of important product changes. Beginning July 2023, Kate Farms is introducing an update to both their product packaging and their labels. Read below for more information on these changes.

What is changing:

    1. Product packaging. You will see new graphics on cartons and cases (graphics will vary by formula).
    2. Ingredient list layout. All organic ingredients are now indicated by an asterisk, rather than listing “organic” next to each ingredient.
    3. Fiber labeling. Fiber content is unchanged; however, due to improved analysis, fiber is now listed as soluble and insoluble.
    4. Detailed label updates. Some micronutrient levels are updated to meet Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) for typical patients, and other minor changes.

What is not changing:

    • There are no changes to item numbers, billing codes, ordering information, or pricing.

1. Product packaging changes

Kate farms packaging updates include a new plant-based cap, an updated illustration for the dinosaur on product packaging, a changed logo, the placement of the color-coded flavor icon and caloric density, and the addition of a quality seal. See below for a visual representation.

Individual carton example:

Outer box example:

When you should expect to see these changes:

July 2023:

August 2023


2. Ingredient list layout

Kate Farms is streamlining their ingredients list. All organic ingredients are now indicated by an asterisk, rather than listing “organic” next to each ingredient. Kate Farms formulas are still Certified USDA Organic.


2. Ingredient list layout2. Ingredient list layout

3. Fiber labeling

Kate Farms labels will include improved fiber analysis. Using advanced analytical methods, these labels  better identify the amounts and types of soluble and insoluble fiber sources in Kate Farms formulas. This improvement is reflected on the label of updated packaging.

Please note: Kate Farms formulations have not changed—they contain the same amounts and types of fiber.




4. Detailed label updates

In addition to soluble and insoluble fiber now being listed due to improved fiber analysis, Kate Farms is making several other label updates:

  • Some micronutrient levels are updated to meet DRIs for typical patients.
  • Updated rounding methods are used in accordance with FDA guidelines.
  • Inositol is added to some pediatric formulas.

To find the label changes to a specific Kate Farms product, click here to view their reference PDF.


For more information about these changes, visit katefarmsmedical.com/new-look.

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