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What to expect at an ostomy support group

What to Expect at an Ostomy Support Group

In this article, we talk about what to expect at an ostomy support group and how to find a local ostomy support group near you.

Laura Cox
Ostomy Pancaking

Ostomy Pancaking | Ask Laura

Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, Laura Cox, answers frequently asked question about ways to avoid ostomy pancaking.

Laura Cox
Ostomy Terms

Ostomy Terms Explained | Ostomy Glossary

New ostomy terminology can feel overwhelming! We've put together an alphabetic ostomy glossary in order to explain these ostomy terms.

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Body Image With an Ostomy

Video: Body Image With an Ostomy

Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, discusses different aspects of body image with an ostomy, including age, dating and more.

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Overview of the GI Tract

Overview of the GI Tract Before and After Ostomy Surgery

In this article, we look at an overview of the GI Tract before and after ostomy surgery. We also look at the different diversions and the location of stomas

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Shield HealthCare Ostomy Customer

Thank You from a Shield HealthCare Ostomy Customer

A Shield HealthCare ostomy customer called in to thank us for the prompt delivery of their supplies and for the support and information we provide.

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When to Contact Your Doctor

When to Contact your Doctor With Stoma Complications or Peristomal Skin Issues

It’s important to know what your healthy stoma and peristomal skin look like. There are some symptoms to watch for. Find a list for each in this article.

Laura Cox
Peristomal Hernia

Peristomal Hernia | Ask Laura

Shield HealthCare's Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist answers questions about a peristomal hernia. Are they normal? What can I do about them?

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Clear an Intestinal Blockage

Video: How to Help Clear an Intestinal Blockage

An intestinal blockage is when food is lodged in the intestine so ouput can't empty from the body. We discuss tips to help clear an intestinal blockage

Laura Cox
Ostomy Guide

Introducing Our “Living Well With an Ostomy” Booklet

We are pleased to offer our Living Well with an Ostomy guide. This reference guide includes information about how to care for your colostomy or ileostomy.

John Maynard
Webinar: Practical Tips for Medication Management
For the past few months, I've found my stool has been pasty and sticky. Please tell me what to do to prevent ostomy "pancaking" from sticky stool.
The first thing I would suggest is to make sure you're drinking enough fluids throughout the day.
Drinking fluids will help make stool less sticky ...