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Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
05/09/14  8:42 PM PST
Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist

Introducing Laura Cox, Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist

Shield HealthCare is dedicated to continually growing our resources and support for the ostomy community. In spring of 2014, we were delighted to introduce a new member of our team: Laura Cox, on-staff Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist. As an ostomate since 2011, Laura offers a fresh and candid approach on living with an ostomy. In her role at Shield HealthCare, Laura provides our customers, website visitors, employees and referral partners with valuable tips and perspective from her own personal experience.

Watch Laura speak of her diagnosis, surgery and recovery by clicking the button below:

Where to Find Laura

Look for Laura’s insights on Shield HealthCare’s OstomyLife Community, where she shares her experiences, spreads awareness, and educates people about life with an ostomy. Laura also produces and shares videos with lifestyle tips, practical “how-to’s” and advice on navigating day-to-day life with an ostomy. Contacting her with questions is easy: simply email her at In her role as an ostomy lifestyle expert, Laura provides valuable support to the Shield HealthCare community through her first-hand knowledge, inspiration and optimism!

About Laura

“When I was young, I thought I was invincible. I was a healthy kid, aside from the annual cold or ear infection. I was an avid runner, straight A student, and Drum Major in the marching band during high school. No one ever expects their life to take a quick turn for the worse, but at 18 years old, mine did. After just a month of experiencing symptoms, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis…” Click here to read more about Laura in her own words.

About Shield HealthCare

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For more information about Shield HealthCare, and for the latest ostomy resources and support, visit Shield HealthCare’s online Ostomy Community.

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My family and I are taking a road trip. I wanted to know what accessories should be used when starting to drive or ride in a car. Should I use something to cover the stoma?
Great question! It all depends on if the seat belt is coming in contact with your stoma.
If the seat belt does not come in contact with your stoma, no additional accessories are needed. If the seat belt does come in contact, you can use a stoma guard or a seat belt cover to protect the stoma

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  1. Laura, Are we able to access a copy of your webinar today to show to show at our Ostomy support group meeting at a later date?

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