Ostomy Lifestyle Interview with Brian Greenberg | Video

Laura Cox, LPC
Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
08/15/16  12:36 PM PST

Laura Cox has an Ostomy Lifestyle Interview with Brian Greenberg, Founder and President of The Intense Intestines Foundation.

Brian has had Crohn’s disease since he was 11 years old. While away at college his disease started to become more severe. At 19 years old Brian underwent 13 rectal surgeries in a 19 month span of time. Finally, when Brian was 28-years-old he made the decision to undergo ostomy surgery, which he says has improved his life greatly.

In this video interview, Brian talks about his attitude towards having an ostomy and how it’s changed over the years. He discusses how he lives his life to the fullest, what accomplishments he has had since surgery, the inspiration to start his foundation and much more!

Check out the video interview above.

You can find more with Brian Greenberg, along with Eric Polsinelli of Vegan Ostomy and Bret Cromer of the United Ostomy Association of America and Youth Rally in this recorded webinar of a roundtable discussion between the three men, hosted by our Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, Laura Cox.

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Dear Laura, I wear a two piece ostomy bag. I need help with concealing an ostomy bag. When I move around my shirt hikes up and the tip of the bag peeks out from under my shirt.
Hi Tom, I have a few suggestions that may help!
First, I'm wondering if a stealth belt would be a good option for you. This is a black belt that you can conveniently tuck your pouch...

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  1. I had my entire colon removed at Mayo Clinic at the age of 23. I am now 75. I tend to view myself as an expert Ostomy management It was a do it or die for me. Glad I did it

  2. I was the youngest to live after illostomy surgery I was 9 I’m 63 now and I’m so glad that people talk about this now . Happy to hear about all that’s being done and people being involved I have two boys and I have always been open with them. It’s the only way I’m a open book . When I was young my parents took me to meetings but they no loner exist so it’s nice to know there’s a lot of support now.

  3. Just watched Laura’s interview of Mike. Wow. He’s an athlete who beat Crhon’s and finished a half Ironman. I look forward to the day when Shield has a representative in Richmond, VA, so that I, as a Medicare patient can order my urostomy supplies from Shield. Shield does such a marvelous educational service compared to other distributors of ostomy products.

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