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Tosh.0 Laura Cox

Laura Cox on TOSH.0: Where Are They Now?

Watch Laura Cox, Shield HealthCare’s Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, in her most recent appearance on Comedy Central’s TOSH.0! Watch Laura at the 4-minute mark In December of 2013, Comedy Central’s irreverent comedian Daniel Tosh interviewed Laura Cox on her life with an ileostomy. Daniel found Laura through her YouTube channel “Ostomystory,” where she shared videos about… Continue reading Laura Cox on TOSH.0: Where Are They Now?

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS

‘Telling My Boss About My Invisible Condition Was One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made’

After telling her boss about her invisible condition, Crohn's disease, Britany Risher got the suport she needed to help her thrive in her career.

Shield HealthCare
ileostomy output

Slowing Down Ileostomy Output

Learn more about slowing down ileostomy output to avoid dehydration and other concerns as well as causes and treatment options that cover all bases.

Anita Prinz, RN, MSN, CWOCN, WCC
marathon runner

World Marathon Challenge: Around the World in 7 Days for Ostomy Awareness

Jonathan Negretti, an ostomate who will run around the world in seven days to raise ostomy awareness, talks about his life, mission, ostomy and goals.

Laura Cox, LPC
colostomy irrigation

Irrigation: A Colostomy Management Option

If you have a sigmoid or end colostomy, you can be free from the ostomy pouch if you are willing and able to learn the process of colostomy irrigation.

Anita Prinz, RN, MSN, CWOCN, WCC
skin barrier

Key Ostomy Products You Should Know About

Ostomy product technology has improved significantly in the last decade. With many available options, here are some highlights about key product types.

Laura Cox, LPC

Crusting: 3 Steps to Treat Peristomal Skin Irritation

Healthy skin around your stoma is essential for creating a good seal and preventing leaks. Learn how "crusting" can help protect and heal peristomal skin.

Kelsey Scarborough
J-pouch surgery

J-Pouch Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis

J-pouches are commonly used in the treatment of the IBD disease, ulcerative colitis, when medication management is not available.

Kelsey Scarborough
When Your Stoma Makes Noise

When Your Stoma Makes Noise

I wish I could offer one solid solution to gas noise, but managing stoma noise is a constant battle for those with a stoma. Here are some tips!

Kelsey Scarborough
Ostomy Pouch Leaks

Ostomy Pouch Leaks

Leaks … *sigh*. If there is one thing that makes many people hate their stoma, it’s leaking. Read tips that can help you limit pouch leaking.

Kelsey Scarborough
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How can one limit ostomy output while sleeping?
For her sleeping issue, I would have her hydrate and eat very well up until about two or three hours before she goes to bed.
Then, for that time before before bed I would suggest that she does not eat or drink anything..