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The First 90 Days: Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Aaron Baker
Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
10/02/20  11:49 AM PST
spinal cord injury first 90 days

The onset of a spinal cord injury is devastating on so many levels, for so many reasons, not only for the patient, but also for the family and community of friends. Most often the dust hasn’t settled before the acute, in-patient insurance coverage runs out, the hospital stay is over and people are left asking and answering a lot of their own questions about their future… A lot of questions!

Nearly two decades ago my family and I were discharged from my initial hospital stay and temporarily transitioned into a motel room where we desperately researched our next move. This was a confusing and terrifying time for us.

At that time there were very few resources that could provide any kind of road map with choices for ongoing care, rehabilitation, community and financial support unlike today, where there are numerous resource guide books, social media channels, blogs, videos and even entire non-profit foundations focused on spinal cord injury resource awareness.

In this blog, I am very happy to share with you an invaluable resource guide book written and produced by my long-time friend Sam Maddox – creator of Spinal Network, New Mobility Magazine, the Hub of SoCal, and the Paralysis Resource Guide (from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation).

In Sam’s words…

“SCI First 90 Days details the first hours, days and weeks after traumatic injury; it defines the injury and outlines basic medical care now and in the future. In easy-to-understand language, the book offers detail on the complex medical and psychological issues that define spinal cord injury.

The book offers detail on SCI inpatient rehab centers in each region. The centers are ranked in four tiers, based on patient volume and independent accreditation.

The book explains insurance coverage, rehabilitation best practices, self-care and coping strategies, expected outcomes, assistive technology and equipment, home modification, and the steps needed to return to the community. The book also offers an overview of legal rights and legal options in the event an injury may have been caused by someone else.

Regional editions are filled with local resources on health care, fitness, independent living, sports and recreation and much more.

The First 90 Days is intended to reach patients and their families in the very acute stages of injury – before any assignment to an inpatient rehab facility has been made. The books are also of great value once rehab begins, and as a resource to the SCI community at any time in the recovery process.”

To learn more and to access a free digital copy of the FIRST 90 DAYS visit www.scifirst90days.com

For any specific questions about life with a spinal cord injury, please feel free to leave a comment below and/or reach out to me personally through the ASK AARON feature on our spinal cord injury lifestyle community page.

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