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Aaron Baker
Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
09/29/21  4:33 PM PST

“Everything Is A Vibration.” – Albert Einstein

Music, sounds and frequencies can be used to impact human health in many ways. There are specific audibles that are regarded in alternative medicine to be particularly healing for the human body.

While the concept that sound frequencies can actually alter human consciousness and promote healing sounds a bit far-fetched, it actually has a lot of sound, scientific evidence behind the theory (pun intended).

Going back to ancient Greece, the famous physician, philosopher, and mathematician, Pythagoras, was convinced that frequencies had a healing effect on the body and that daily exposure to music was beneficial for human health. Pythagoras was also responsible for discovering the harmonic relationships between mathematical ratios and different musical chords.

Sound Therapy in Modern Times

Even though humans have been studying the connection between healing sound frequencies and the operation of the human body since the times of Pythagoras, modern scientists are just as fascinated by the effects that different frequencies can have on the mind and body.

Aside from healing sound frequencies, frequencies also affect the body through music. Music can evoke an emotional response in the human body that can result in everything from goosebumps to a flood of cathartic tears. Vibrational instruments such as singing bowls and gongs are used to create ripple-like waves of vibrations that are meant to reset the consciousness.

Your favorite music is much more than its instruments, composition, or lyrics. It’s the fundamental frequency, tone, pitch, amplitude and volume that have the physical influence.

To illustrate this influence, I recommend a deep dive into the study of Cymatics.

Cymatics gives visual context to sound waves.

When sand or fluids are suspended above a loud speaker, three dimensional geometric patterns emerge from the oscillating sound frequencies.

Early experiments in the 1630’s by Galileo Galilei, and later in the 1700’s by musician and physicist Ernst Chladni, discovered this acoustic phenomenon. (see Discoveries on the theories of sound.)

Although this science is based on Anthroposophy (scientific exploration of the spiritual world) and dubbed pseudoscience, these sonic discoveries have influenced medicine, biology, agriculture and education with undeniable proof of the unseen, mathematically organized world of sacred geometry.

By listening to and visualizing sound frequencies, you become a proactive influencer over your body’s biological processes.

Imagine the visceral feeling you have when a beautiful melody is played. Now combine that sound with visualization and direct your focus into your body. You are in fact influencing the harmonic resonance of your cellular community- Creating synergy and flow of energy to all parts of your body.

This resonance (synchronous vibration) allows your body to effortlessly do what it naturally does: repair itself! And that’s the point, to influence the healing process and reconnect to your body.

Here is a list of music genre, sounds and tones that I have used and are generally considered to have a positive affect:


  • For Relaxation & Focus
  • Acoustic Instrumental, Chimes, Bowels & Flutes
  • Classical
  • Atmospheric
  • Gregorian, Tibetan & American Indian Chants
  • Tribal Songs
  • For Activities & Exercise
  • Anything that makes you happy!
  • Rock & Roll (Sometimes Heavy)
  • Electronic
  • Reggae
  • Country
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B


  • For Sleep & Meditation
  • Nature – Rain Forrest, Mountain, Valley, Plains
  • Ocean, River, Stream, or Water Fountain
  • Animals – Whales, Birds, Purring, Night Sounds
  • Wind
  • Rain


  • For Sleep, Meditation, Focus & Visualization
  • Binaural Beats
  • Hemi-Sync


174 hertz is one of the Solfeggio frequencies, a series of tones used in sacred music that is believed in alternative medicine to have different positive effects on human health. 174 hertz is associated with the reduction of both pain and stress.


285 hertz is also one of the Solfeggio frequencies and is considered instrumental in the healing of cuts, burns, and other physical wounds. 285 hertz sound frequencies are supposed to activate the body into cellular regeneration, encouraging it to heal itself in the event of an injury.


This sound frequency is associated with the removal of fear and other negative feelings. As one of the Solfeggio frequencies, the 396 hertz tone aids in the removal of the feeling of guilt, making it an effective addition to spiritual music. 396 hertz frequencies balance the root chakra while simultaneously transforming negative emotions such as grief into positive, joyful ones.


Instead of a focus on physical ailments, healing sound therapy involving 417 hz (another of the Solfeggio frequencies) focuses on the removal of negative energy such as the energy surrounding a past trauma or negative energies in the ambient environment. 417 hertz therapy is designed to dissolve emotional blockages and activate the sacral chakra.


432 hertz therapy is aimed at the heart chakra and listening to a 432 hertz frequency is supposed to lead to greater levels of mental and emotional clarity. A 432 hertz tuning is considered optimal for tuning opera singers and is associated with a higher level of spiritual development.


Also known as the love frequency, 528 hertz is one of the most well-known and popular of the Solfeggio frequencies. This musical tone is also known as the “miracle note” and has been used in native populations as a sound associated with blessings since before written history.


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  1. Nancy Arvold
    Posted October 16, 2021 at 7:09 am PDT

    Very interesting article I’m using this at night to sleep by to try to heal my body of back surgery and other injuries sustained in a cauto accident. Helps me sleep better and I feel more refreshed when I wake up and less pain.

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