Living with SCI: Midday Routine

Aaron Baker
Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
02/17/23  8:11 AM PST
Living with SCI afternoon routine

PART 2: Afternoons

As I described in the first part of this blog series, my morning routine is aimed towards being productive and intentional. Looking to years past, my midday routine has always varied based on my employment or athletic endeavors.

Prior to my daughter’s arrival, which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, I spent the bulk of my day as the co-owner of a specialized gym I founded with my mother. The days were long, working in the back office, visiting with clients, meeting new potential members and ending the day with a long workout. When we would lock up for the day at 6pm, I was drained. By the time I got home, I did not want to do much other than eat and get a good night’s rest to do it all over again.

1. Meetings and Research

I have since sold the gym. When the pandemic hit, it left the whole world redefining what our days would look like. Now that I work mainly from home, and am the father of a toddler, my midday work routine is more focused on Zoom meetings and research. Because I am a writer and public speaker, reading, learning and filing material away are daily requirements of my job.

2. Exercise: Morning Through Mid-Day

After my morning meditation and breakfast, I head into my garage gym to exercise. I am aware that I am fortunate enough to have a gym at my disposal and the leisure to use my day in this way. However, living with a spinal cord injury, I know the importance of putting health first. As I have said it before in quippy statements like; exercise is my medicine, movement equals improvement, motion is lotion… They may sound silly, but they are TRUE!

After a workout, which can vary for 30 minutes to 2 hours, I retire to my office to work on my to-do lists. I have a running list on my computer of daily, weekly, monthly and year long goals. I have set up my office to include a recliner chair so that I can take 10 minute breaks to read, change positions or eat lunch. My wife also works from home and delights our family with a midday meal and snack, and maybe an espresso or cup of tea!

Note* My day-to-day lifestyle is the result of many hard years of good and bad decisions with mindful choices that align with my long-term goal: To age well with a spinal cord injury. I have intentionally created a work/life balance for sustained health, happiness, peace, and productivity. I know how lucky I am to live this way, which is why I maintain the mantra; “Thank you, I am grateful.”

To wrap up, I make it a point to end my day by 5:30pm so that I can join my family for dinner at 6pm… but, that night time routine is for the next blog!

Stay grateful, stay healthy,


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