Where to Find Adaptive Mountain Bikes

Aaron Baker
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03/10/23  12:02 PM PST
Where to Find Adaptive Mountain Bikes

The Latest Off-Road Cycling Equipment

For many years I longed to return to the winding trails and swooping dirt roads amongst the hills. I would sulk dirt-side in my wheelchair as I watched friends pedal off on their mountain bikes for an afternoon ride. I dreamt of the day that I too could join them and kick up some dust, to feel the freedom of mountain biking once again.

It was mid-fall 2012 as I rolled down a polished cement aisle at the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a beastly recumbent bike turning circles for an audience. The massive knobby tires screeched to a stop when I wheeled myself right in front of the rider, too giddy with excitement to hold back my questions. I learned that the bike was called the “Stinger”, hand-built by spinal cord injured fabricator Jake O’Connor of Reactive Adaptions in Crested Butte, Colorado. He primarily built custom hand cycles for paraplegics and amputees, but decided to experiment with a recumbent design for fun. To make a long story short, I left the expo that day with that prototype bike (the only one of its kind at the time) in the back of my van.

I immediately took to the trails, romping and skidding my way through the dirt and the mud, up and over rocks and bushes. The ten year old inside of me was set loose again to explore the outdoors.

The bike is so unique that even today, every time I ride I am asked questions, “Who built it?” “Where can you ride it?” Where can I buy one?” “How much does it cost?” – All fair questions that at one time I had no sufficient answer.

However, NOW my bike is not as anomalous as it once was. There are a variety of ingeniously designed adaptive off-road cycles and hand cycles on the market for nearly all abilities. Plus, with the advent of electric assist technology, every rider can go longer and much further. I highly recommend e-assist!


Here is a list of companies for you to choose from:


There are more manufacturers out there for other types of bikes, but this list is specific to off-road adaptive cycling. Stay tuned for another blog about on-road adventure riding.

Enjoy the ride,


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